Zmation Announces VLTP for Flat Panel Dispensing Applications

Vacuum Lit Flat Panel Fixture
October 10, 1996 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a new specialized Vacuum Lighted Tooling Plate (VLTP) specifically designed for Flat Panel and LCD dispensing applications. This device provides the ability to rigidly fixture glass substrates during seal bead and glass filled conductive epoxy dispensing operations. Additionally, the “back-lights” allow machine vision capture of ITO, organic, or chrome fiducials for automatic alignment of the dispense pattern for a specific part.

Vacuum is provided to the VLTP via three (3) adjustable vacuum venturi device at ~22″ Hg through small orifices on the plates top surface separated into three (3) zones. Fiberoptic back-lights (typically 2-4) provide illumination to the VLTP from adjustable light sources contained in the UDP system. The standard VLTP size has a work envelope of 18″ X 14″ but larger or smaller sizes are available upon request.

The VLTP is generally used in conjunction with the Zmation, Inc. Universal Automation Platform for dispensing applications. In addition to seal bead and conductive epoxy dispensing applications, the Universal Platform can be used for; underfill, chip coating (glob-top), adhesive, epoxy, solder paste, and other dispensing applications. This Platform can also be used for other highly process intensive applications such as; die attach, machine vision inspection, soldering, small parts assembly, etc.

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