Zmation Announces Universal Dispensing Platform for Hot-melt & 2-Part Epoxy Applications

April 22, 1997 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a new Universal Dispensing Platform specifically designed for industrial dispensing applications. This Platform is designed for either fully automatic (conveyorized) or semi-automated (manual parts loading) operation for a wide variety of materials including; epoxies, adhesives, silicones, and RTV.

The Universal Dispensing Platform (UDP) incorporates three (X,Y,Z) or four (Theta) closed loop servo drive axes with ball screw technology for heavy payload (>25 lb.) capability and repeatable positioning. This platform can accommodate multiple dispensing heads as well as a video camera for automatic vision (Cognex) or manual part alignment and a proprietary Dynamic Touch Sensor for Z-axis height compensation. Zmation‚Äôs proprietary application software allows complete flexibility while providing operation by minimally trained operators. The Universal Dispensing Platform can accommodate dispensing work envelopes from 300mm x 300mm, (~12″ x 12″), up to 2500mm X 2500mm (~98″ X 98″).

The Universal Dispensing Platform (UDP) can incorporate various material delivery systems such as: Two-part meter mix systems (Liquid Controls, Ashby Cross, etc.); Hot-melt adhesive systems (Nordson, Slaterbach, etc.); High pressure pail pumps (Graco, Nordson, etc.); and Pressurized reservoirs (Graco, Valco, ARO, etc.).

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