Zmation Announces Improved Universal Automation Platform

August 12, 1997 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a improved Universal Automation Platform. This Platform is designed for either semi-automated (operator parts loading) or fully automatic (conveyorized) operation in a wide variety of fluid dispensing, P&P, and associated applications.

The Universal Automation Platform, (Z-UAP), incorporates three (X,Y,Z) or four (Theta) closed loop servo axes with direct drive ball screw technology for high accuracy and repeatability. This platform can accommodate up to seven active dispensing, placement, or process heads as well as a video camera for manual or automatic vision (Cognex) system for part alignment and either a proprietary Dynamic Touch Sensor or a non-contact laser (Cyber Optics) for Z-axis height compensation. Zmation’s menu driven Operations Software, running under Windows ‘95, allows complete flexibility while providing operation by minimally trained operators. The Universal Automation Platform can accommodate work envelopes from 300mm x 300mm, (~12″ x 12″), up to 1200mm X 1200mm (~48″ X 48″).

The Universal Automation Platform can be used for a wide variety of process and assembly operations on the same system. Some applications include: fluid dispensing; flip chip and die attach; odd component P&P; TAB bonding; electrical test board handling; selective conformal coating; inner layer trace cutting; single point soldering; depaneling; small parts assembly; machine vision inspection; etc.

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