Zmation Announces Custom Consumer Product P&P System

Pneumatic P&P System
November 25, 1997 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the development of a new low cost custom Consumer Product Pick-and-Place (P&P) System. This system was specifically designed to accurately grip a large consumer product after being plastic bagged and place the completed unit onto a product pallet for further processing. Additionally, this type of system can be configured to meet many other P&P requirements for a wide variety of consumer or industrial production products.

The system incorporates an adjustable 2-axes pneumatic slide to raise, lower and move the product. The consumer product is held in a custom pneumatic gripper which is designed to protect the product during transfer. The system is controlled by a touch screen controller with a graphic user interface for easy operation. The entire system is enclosed, except for conveyor openings, by a high strength aluminum extrusion assembly with polycarbonate panels for operator viewing.

This system demonstrates some of the design and manufacturing capabilities of Zmation, Inc. for custom automation systems. Zmation also produces standard Automatic Dispensing Systems, Machine Vision Inspection Systems, and Robotic Integrated Systems for a wide variety of applications.

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