Zmation Announces Custom Checksum Bed Of Nails Press

Inline Electrical Testing System with Vision Alignment Detail
January 17, 1998 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the development of a new Checksum Bed-Of-Nails press.

This system was specifically designed to handle and align (X, Y, Theta) printed circuit boards for electrical testing. The boards are presented to the system via a SMEMA compatible conveyor with an integral bar code (standard or 2D symbology) reader. The board is transferred under a dual Cognex camera vision system to capture fiducials or features. The board is then aligned (X, Y, Theta) under the Bed-Of-Nails press and the press is activated allowing the “pogo” pins to contact with the boards test pads. When electrical testing (functional, in-circuit, MDA, etc) is complete, the press is raised, the board is lowered to the conveyor, and the board is transferred to the next production process. The system operates in a Windows 95 environment with a user friendly graphical user interface.

This system demonstrates some of the design and manufacturing capabilities of Zmation, Inc. for custom automation systems. Zmation also produces standard Automatic Dispensing Systems and Machine Vision Inspection Systems for a wide variety of applications.

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