Zmation Announces Tabletop Dispenser

Table Top 2 Part Dispensing
October 5, 1998 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a low cost tabletop dispensing system. The Z-300 system is ideally suited for dispensing applications requiring a “batch” or dedicated process in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The system has integrated Start, Stop, and E-Stop buttons with a thumbwheel program selector and an integral air lockout/tagout device.

The Z-300 system incorporates closed loop servo drives for both X, Y axis motion and a precision pneumatic slide for Z-axis movement. Dispense patterns are quickly taught using a Teach Pendant in a “walk-and-teach” mode. With a 300mm x 300mm (~12″ x 12″) work area the Z-300 system can meet many application requirements.

The Z-300 tabletop system can be used for many fluid dispensing, filling, and assembly applications. Commercially available valves, (Positive Displacement Auger, Piston Positive Displacement, Needle, Spool, Diaphragm, Time/Pressure, etc.), can be integrated on the delivered system to meet specific application requirements. Pressurized syringe, cartridge, or bulk material feeding can be accommodated. Customized fixturing or part tooling for the specific application requirements is included.

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