Zmation, Inc. Announces an OCR & 2D Barcode Reader

Optical Character Recognition DetailApril 11, 2001 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a new OCR & 2D Barcode Reading System. To date, six (6) systems have been configured and installed for OCR reading in the Flat Panel Display industry.

The OCR & 2D Barcode Reading System can be custom configured for a wide variety of part types and applications. The system includes: a Cognex vision processing board; a desk top PC; Sony CCD camera; NER Doal illuminator; sensors; a customized parts holding stand; and a graphical user interface, (GUI), running in a Windows environment. The complete system sells for less than $20,000.

The FPD configured system was used to identify the “pedigree” of each panel prior to subsequent manufacturing processes. An operator inserts the panel on the customized parts holding stand under the vision camera, a non-contact sensor signals the camera to capture the image of the OCR or 2D Barcode identification serial number, the vision processing board analyses the image, and the PC transfers the serial number to the end users server via an Ethernet connection.

Zmation, Inc. is a supplier of Custom Automated Systems and Standard Platforms to the electronics, semiconductor, photonic, computer peripherals, automotive, and medical device industries. Zmation, Inc. has extensive experience in process engineering, systems integration, machine vision inspection, laser systems, motion control technology, and advanced industrial software. Zmation has received Approved System Integrator and Value Added Reseller status from a wide variety of manufacturers including: Adept Technology; Cognex; Synrad; IAI; Denso; Janome; Seiko Robotics; etc. This experience along with our close vendor relationships, allows Zmation to provide cost effective automation solutions that utilize both custom designed and commercially available equipment.

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