What is a “turnkey” supplier of custom industrial equipment ?

Simply stated, “We take ownership of your process!”

We take your requirements and provide a quote to fulfill your “process” needs. It is not uncommon for your requirements to not be complete or have errors. In other words, it may be possible to fulfill your contractual agreement and still have a machine that does not successfully run your “process”. So, be careful when you receive quotes that vary in price substantially! Don’t get me wrong, there are always surprises but some system integrators make a living on bidding to your requirements as opposed to taking ownership of the process! These low-ball bidders make up the price difference by charging you additional money for every omission or error you have in your requirements. This often causes delays and a final price that is higher than all bidders!

When you decide to move forward an initial down payment is required. We then begin the detailed design process. When you have approved the detailed design we begin buying the necessary hardware for the system. The payment schedule is milestone based to protect both of us. The system will be “bought off” on our floor. That means the process will be demonstrated to you long before the system arrives on your manufacturing floor. Basically, the system will not ship off my floor until you have approved it!

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