Zmation Announces Dynamic Touch Sensor

September 28, 1996 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a new Dynamic Touch Sensor for Z-axis height compensation for use on both the Universal Dispensing Platform and Table-Top Dispensing Systems. This device provides the ability to accommodate variations in the substrate thickness, needle length, or tooling plate height and automatically compensate the dispense pattern for a specific part.

The Dynamic Touch Sensor is a proprietary double acting near frictionless pneumatic cylinder with a self-lubricating graphitized carbon floating piston and TCE matched Pyrex glass cylinder. Interchangeable ruby styli from 0.002″ to 0.500″ in diameter with varying lengths are available. The Dynamic Touch Sensor is fixed to the Z-axis motion system and is repeatable to better than +/- 0.001″ with extremely low differential contact pressure.

The Dynamic Touch Sensor is generally used in conjunction with the Zmation, Inc. Universal Automation Platform or Table-Top Systems for dispensing, soldering, or component assembly applications. These Platforms can be used for other highly process intensive applications such as; die attach, machine vision inspection, soldering, small parts assembly, etc.

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