Zmation Announces 3rd Generation Flip-chip Underfill Dispenser

Underfill Gen III
May 20, 1997 — Portland, OR, USA—Zmation, Inc. announced today the availability of a new Universal Dispensing Platform specifically designed for pilot production Flip-chip Underfill Epoxy Dispensing applications. This Platform is based on the fully automatic inline production dispensers used for operation in high volume/high mix production of all substrate types. The software enhancements allow the pilot production process developer to dispense consistently by compensating for die misplacement, die rotation, die and substrate color variation, substrate distortion, and “jagged” die edges typical of prototype production parts.

The Universal Dispensing Platform (UDP) incorporates three (X,Y,Z) or four (q ) closed loop brushless servo direct drive axes with ball screw technology for high accuracy and repeatability. For Underfill epoxy dispensing this platform utilizes multiple spool or needle valve dispensing heads which do not have the “dripping” problem commonly associated with auger type valves. The system uses an automatic vision system (Cognex) with proprietary illumination to locate each die and position the dispense needle at the correct location for dispensing. Heating of the substrate is accomplished using long life non-contact closed loop ceramic heaters in pre-heat, dispense, and post-heat zones. A proprietary Dynamic Touch Sensor is used for Z-axis height compensation. Zmation‚Äôs proprietary application software allows complete flexibility while providing operation by minimally trained operators. The Universal Dispensing Platform can accommodate work envelopes from 300mm x 300mm, (~12″ x 12″), up to 1200mm X 1200mm (~48″ X 48″).

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